Minggu, 10 Februari 2013

ECSA " English Club Smaga "

Hi.. I'm Maulina. People usually call me Nana :) 
It was my 1st year in Senior High School. As a newbie, sure I feel new in everything. What do you think ? Newbie ? And new things ? Curious to try a single thing.
From a long time ago, I had had a plan to make an English Club. The thing is because PEOPLE said english is boring. English is Difficult. They were shy, They were afraid to say even " Let me Introduce myself ... "
They don't know that actually ENGLISH IS FUN, EXCITING, and EASY TO BE LEARNED :D

Then til One Day, a teacher named " Mr.Wiryo "  asked me about making an English Club in my school. Of course I said " YES sir.. Let's GO ".
It means . . . I'm ready to take every wave that will come and ready to be a warrior of English :D
Starting that day, yes it's true that the wave started to come. <br>
At the 1st time ,I tried to discuss What's the perfect name `? So for it I called some students that Mr.Wiryo thought they were good at english. I gave 'em letter then gathered them in OSIS room.
We tried soooo hard to find the name. I suggested some name.. Don't laugh or even puke 1st , Go try listen to my scream :D
GLOWING    ~ Grow with English of Three charming SHS
TWILIGHT    ~ Three SHS English Delight Club
ECLIPS          ~ English Club 3 SHS Representatives
TRUST           ~ Three Enthusiastic English Club
SECURE        ~ SHS's English Club Raising Intelligent 
They said NO . After awhile, My senior named Irawan that people knew he was a bit crazy but funny came to the room. And in a sudden he mentioned ECSA “ ENGLISH CLUB SMAGA ”
Then they said OKAY. Alright then.. That’s How we start our Club.
Day By Day was coming… Our club occupied on every Wednesday only.
The First meeting, There was just 2 persons came. I tried to make myself calm cuz I know. That was inaugural time.
Til the end of the semester, Thanks to GOD  my members increased.
We'd tried lots of stuffs...
                                                       Here is us tried to be a newsreader :D
                                                        Here is us after playing games
Here we go After Playing TWISTER :D

                                                It is us in front of the school wall art creation :D

But thing that made me sad was Our Extraculicullar weren’t in the report book.
Need more struggle then …

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